There are four principles that your idea will be judged by on pitch day (Friday, November 6th, 2015). Here are some questions to start with when you’re thinking about how to develop a winning idea:


Do users want this?
Does the solution add value to the world?
Does the solution fill an unmet user need?
Will the solution fit into people’s lives?
Will the solution appeal to people?
What data/evidence do you have to suggest that the idea is desirable?



Can we build the solution?
Is the technology and skills needed to build the solution available or within reach?
How long will it take to build the solution?
Can the team actually make it happen?


Should we do this?
Does the solution align with any longer term policy goals/objectives?
Once the solution is built, can it sustain itself in the long term?
Will the solution work in the long term or is it just a short-term intervention?
Can the solution become sustainable or will it only work as a pilot?
Will it require revenue to sustain itself and if so, how does it generate revenue?



How well does the solution answer the designated policy challenge question?
Will the solution generate impact for positive change?
What will the solution’s return on investment?
Will the solution affect a significant population of people over time?
Will the solution lead to change on a larger scale over time (i.e. 3 to 5 years out)?