Photo of first place team: abil.

first place: abil.


abil. makes it easier for schools to connect with public speakers, for students with disabilities to be better represented in their learning community, and for people living with disability to earn a secondary income.


From left to right:
Abid Virani
Misha Mykitiuk
Alwar Pillai
Graham McLaughlin

Photo of winning team: Live Notes

second place: Live Notes


A real-time note taking tool for post-secondary students that delivers a human generated text format of the classroom dialogue on any wireless device.


From left to right:
Roman Tietz
Laura Mather
Rene Suarez (not pictured)

Photo of third place team: Clear Path Alert

third place: Clear Path Alert


A cloud platform that provides real-time updates on the status of built environments. Report and receive updates on devices that provide a universally Clear Path of travel in public spaces, businesses and other organizations.


From left to right:
Rick Watters
Lily Luong Do
Mazin Aribi
Joash Sujan
Kathleen Ryan